Thursday, July 29, 2010

Encore une Fois

i dont feel that i can embrace TX like i did WV. i see TX as the culmination of my failure, not a chance at a new beginning. WV was my new beginning; my fresh start; the life and love that i chose. TX was my backup plan....a plan for if and when i failed.

i'd give anything just to feel him hug me again. he never told me that everything will be alright, and i'm glad he didn't, because those words have never comforted me. this isn't alright...this is just something that i'm going to have to get used to no matter what. no matter how hard i fight, no matter how many shooting stars i wish upon, i feel disconnected when i think about living in TX.


i love you so much. i can honestly say that i love you more than you know. i know that my love is so strong it scares you, but you have felt it's glow, it's warm embrace, it's gentle caress, and it is there for anytime you need it. you never need ask for it, just simply remember it and you will feel it again.

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