Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glitz and Glitter and Glamour, OH MY!

while i'm glad and thankful that i have a job, and even more grateful that i really like it, i'm already not looking forward to the holidays. or should that be holidaze? just as i started working, they stocked halloween items and goodies. a week later we started stocking thanksgiving-themed items: turkey tealight holders, turkey-embroidered pot holders and dishrags/clothes, pumpkin this and ginger+molasses that.

and now christmas. we'll have every ornament that my employer chooses to stock AVAILABLE on the sales floor and loaded up in our stockroom by october 6th. yes...halloween and thanksgiving won't even have arrived and we're stocking christmas. i guess we're not as bad as hobby lobby (and some other places), though, who've already been fully stocked for christmas (trees, lights, bells bobs and ornaments, too) since early august.

anywho, we're missing the point of this post. this post is all about today's culture. everything has to be more glitzy, more glittered, and more glamorous than the last person/holiday/year. whatever happened to elegance in simplicity? scale back your decorating and your design, spend more money on good-quality items instead of a large quantity of junk, and pick a color-scheme and stick to it.

whatever happened to simply elegant? design (and creativity) is all about being able to make something from nothing, or next to nothing. glitter, when used very sparingly, can accentuate something you normally wouldn't notice. a little glitz can ensnare the eye and draw you in.

but aside from all that... does anyone know why we have certain holidays anymore? why we have halloween, christmas, easter? none of them have anything to do with jesus or the devil, so what's your next guess? and even if halloween had anything to do with the devil, why the hell would most christians even think about letting their kids dress up for it?!

lets get with the program, people. stop being sheep, following what all the labels are doing, and start thinking for yourselves.

  • why are there reindeer at christmas? 
  • why is there red and white anything at that time? 
  • why're there chocolate bunnies and eggs for easter??
  • and where did the friggin easter bunny come from!? did mary do something the bible didn't tell us about??
i'm getting down off my soapbox now.

until next time, loyal readers. all 3 of you... HAHA

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  1. Wasn't it the bunny who rolled the rock away from the cave and then Jesus came out and gave everyone chocolate eggs? Or am I getting things mixed up again?