Sunday, August 29, 2010

You really think you're in control?

come on now, who do you... who do you, who do you, who do you think you are? HAHAHA! bless your soul. you really think you're in control?

i find it funny that people think i'm at their mercy. regardless of the situation, i am never stranded. i am never beat. i may be stuck for a hot second, but bay-bay: i can fend for myself. i have done it for years, and this just proves that i'm'a have to continue doing it for a while longer, too. i'm not there because i need you. i am there because i either want to be, or because i want you. 

now, i value our friendship very much. but this...back and forth bit?'s gotta stop. you're older...yes. wiser...about some things. but for what it's worth, honey, i had to grow up on my own; i figured shit out on my own; found me on my own. we need to stop tryin each other.  

i get it that you've got a lot of stuff going on that you need to figure out. and i also know that there's going to be a lot of blame passed onto me. but you also need to realize that even after everything that's happened, i still had to continue living my life. part of living life is seeing/finding something/someone you want and going after it/them. please don't hold it against me because you're in a situation where you felt you couldn't do the same. each of us has to live our own life, make our own choices, and live with the outcome of those choices. 


And now, for your audial and visual pleasures...

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